Live from #Fordistas HQ and Wynwood radio, Jay Thomas performing songs from Fantasma Tropical.

Rocket Ship (Official Music Video)

The Sun Will Open (Live)

Boogeyman (Live)

Linger (Cranberries cover)

The Icicle Melts (Cranberries Cover)

Just My Imagination (Cranberries Cover)

Yeats’ Grave (Cranberries Cover)

First World (FirstWorld Cover Live)

Burnin’ Soul (D Major Version, live at Jojo’s Place)

Fantasma Tropical Album Trailer

Bruisey Brookie (Live)

Bodie Currency (Live)

Burnin’ Soul (Live)

Who Is Bluejay? (Mini-Doc)

2 For 1 for CXCW 2012


Batty Boy

Cautious Love (The Acoustic Guitar Project)